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  • Online, on track: Designing IP teaching for online learning

    In preparation for Autumn, when IP courses will be taught mostly online, the UK Intellectual Property Awareness Network ( and US Center for Intellectual Property Understanding ( invite you to

  • Reflections on Resilience

    …at to share insights, challenges, tools and reflections and to give voice to the many people involved in the programme. In her concluding remarks for the publication, Sara Jones,…

  • Wonder VR: creating meaningful experiences for patients in the midst of uncertainty

    …at:, [Accessed 25/05/20]. IPA Office (2020) COVID 19 Webinar 5.23.20 – Final, available at:[Accessed 25/05/20]. The Beach & Reggae VR 360 Video Demo Instructional Interactive VR 360…

  • Diversity in the arts and media

    …the festival having to go online ( due to COVID-19. Everyone has had to be innovative in order to continue delivering their normal activity since March and going digital has…

  • Summer Programme: Getting your business online

    The Loughborough Enterprise Network (LEN) invites you to join the FREE and innovative online summer programme that will take you through 8 weeks of getting your business online. The online

  • International Online Theatre Festival

    …The Theatre Times. The theme of the 2020 International Online Theatre Festival is ‘in a world where you can be anything…’ and it aims to create an online space that…

  • Guildhall online short courses

    …Barbican Arranging and Reharmonisation for A Cappella Creative Writing for Performance Guildhall Online Oboe Course Introduction to Acting Introduction to Shakespeare: an Experiential Workshop Music Production in Logic Pro X:…

  • A Time of Reckoning for Equality and Diversity

    …2021 and if you have any queries or questions, please do contact either Pauline or Suzie Leighton [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/undefined [6]…

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Includes the launch of a special collection of papers on #KnowledgeExchange, drawn from a 2019/2 KE and the creative industries seminar series, with an intro and reflective commentary by @Emma_Cole1:… (3/4)

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