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  • Diversity in the arts and media

    …figures to make a case), work with industry and a new journal. This latter came from an initial approach by a friend and academic at Cardiff University, developed into an…

  • Reflections on Resilience

    …and cultural sector more resilient. A further Practical Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs workshop will be held at Cass Business School in London in November. Click here for details.…

  • A Time of Reckoning for Equality and Diversity

    …2021 and if you have any queries or questions, please do contact either Pauline or Suzie Leighton [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/undefined [6]…

  • Constructing a Just Social and Global Order

    Launch of the Yeoh Tiong Lay Centre for Politics, Philosophy and Law Constructing a Just Social and Global Order: Panel Discussion In an era of increasing globalisation, the fabric of…

  • An Adventure toward Equity in Higher Education and Research

    …the values embedded transformation of structures within our institutions. Professor Kalwant Bhopal “White Privilege: The Myth of a Post-Racial Society” (2018)…

  • Mountain Language | One for the Road | The New World Order

    …by Harold Pinter Jo McInnes director Amelia Jane Hankin designer Rory Beaton lighting designer Rosie Stroud sound designer Oliver Levett video designer Power. Politics. Paranoia. Pinter. Location: Anywhere and Everywhere….

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Includes the launch of a special collection of papers on #KnowledgeExchange, drawn from a 2019/2 KE and the creative industries seminar series, with an intro and reflective commentary by @Emma_Cole1:… (3/4)

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