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1st November, 2012

Playing With The Domestic Goddess: The Practice and Performance of Cake-Making

Event Details

1st November, 2012
Cental School of Speech & Drama, Eton Avenue, London NW3 3HR

Speaker: Jenny Lawson
Northumbria University

This seminar will introduce and contextualise Jenny’s practiceled research into cake-making and the contemporary notion of the domestic goddess. Reappropriating television cook Nigella Lawson’s media persona, she has used cakes and baking as part of her  aesthetic strategy to articulate the paradoxes in postmodern representations of food, femininity and the domestic. She will use her tripartite model of food practice, which combines everyday, popular cultural and artistic uses and representations of cakes, to outline  her performance strategies and cultural intervention tactics designed to intervene in domestic fantasies entangling food and femininity.

For more information please visit the CSSD website. 

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