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3rd February, 2015

The Restitution of Stolen Music

Event Details

3rd February, 2015
Windsor Building Auditorium
Free, booking required

The restitution of art is a subject that now employs entire provenance departments in auction houses, but what about ‘stolen music’? This lecture intends to address the following questions: Can music be stolen and if so, how can it be restored to its original owner? Careers of composers and performers were interrupted, but who was the victim? The people deprived of their livelihoods, or their public? Once in exile, how and who has the responsibility of restoring their legacies and should their musical estates be repatriated, or should they remain in the countries where they found refuge?
Michael Haas
Director of Research of the International Centre for Suppressed Music and co-Chair of ExilArte Vienna’s Music University

The lecture will be followed by a reception in the Windsor Building Foyer.

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