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11th November, 2015

People on the move: Migration, social innovation and design

Event Details

11th November, 2015
18.45 to 20.30
LVMH Lecture Theatre (E002). Central Saint Martins, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA

UAL DESIS Lab presents:

A conversation on migration, social innovation and design based on the book ‘Design, when everybody designs’ (MIT Press, 2015).

Today, when we talk about social innovation, and design for social innovation, we cannot avoid dealing with the issue of migration. Or better, with the issue of the growing number of people on the move that characterises contemporary, fluid societies. These people on the move are, and will be in future, a major driver of social and cultural change. The way in which this happens will largely depend on the social innovation that will emerge, and on what design, in the largest sense of the term, will be able to do to trigger and orient it.

The event will connect the main concepts proposed by Ezio Manzini in his book ‘Design, when everybody designs‘ (MIT Press, 2015) with the migration issue, the problems it creates and, most importantly, the opportunities it presents.

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