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23rd November, 2015

Kicking the Legs Out From Under

Event Details

23rd November, 2015
Anatomy Museum King's Building Strand Campus

It is often more illuminating to hang out with someone in a bar than to hear them give a prepared talk, so this lecture will attempt to cross that divide.

The audience will supply questions and topics, and if your question/topic is selected out of the hat, you will do a shot of whiskey with Dan and then he will answer your question for between 30 seconds and three minutes. Ask whatever you want.

Topics that might get covered include:

  • Pretentious nonsense is awful
  • Joyful nihilism
  • Audience friendly Avant garde
  • You should go out dancing
  • Post modernism
  • New York City is great as long as you get away from it a lot
  • Symbols only symbolize something if we know what they symbolize
  • Be willing and eager to abandon all of your “good ideas” and plans

This will go on until the bottle is empty. There will also be some short videos shown and a dance break in which you can come have a drink.

Dan Safer is the Artistic Director of Witness Relocation, a NY-based dance & theater company, recognized as one of the “ensembles who now lead the city’s progressive theater scene” (Village Voice), that makes shows ranging from fully scripted plays (including three world premieres by Charles Mee and an English-language premiere by Toshiki Okada) to original, devised dance/theater pieces to many things in between.

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