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7th March, 2017

Starting Out in the Classical Music Business


Event Details

7th March, 2017
16:15 - 20:00
Concert Room (2nd Floor), Grove B building, Middlesex University, the Burroughs, London, NW4 4BT

Jane Williams from the London Symphony Orchestra hosts this colloquium for aspiring musicians

Chaired by Dr Chris Dromey, Associate Professor in Music Business & Arts Management, join Jane Williams from the London Symphony Orchestra for this colloquium for aspiring performers and administrators.

What is the classical music scene? What do you need to know to enter it as a professional? What is the ‘ecosystem’ of a professional orchestra?

Aimed at aspiring performers and administrators, this colloquium will ‘map’ the scene, scrutinising different styles of concert presentation, the benefits of training and internship schemes, and begin to suggest ways in which ‘citizen-activist-musicians’ can participate in and help reinvent the classical music business.

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