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8th June, 2017

Cervantes: women and theatre in his life and work


Event Details

8th June, 2017
16:00 - 18:00
King's College London

Natalia Menéndez, director of the International Festival of Classical Theatre of Almagro since 2010, opens the Festival of Spanish Theatre of London with a lecture on “Cervantes: women and theatre in his life and work“.

The work of Cervantes -author of Don Quixote- as a playwright is little known. However, his plays are particularly interesting from both literary and social perspectives. Always challenging genre conventions and rules, Cervantes searched for novelty at all levels in his work.

Natalia Menéndez will focus on the influence of Cervantes’ women in his literary and theatrical ideas. To what extent his female character’s bold attitude was informed by what Cervantes witenessed in his own family?

The talk will be in Spanish, without an interpreter.

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