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3rd April, 2018

Tine Bech Studio’s light installation to showcase at Light City festival, US

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Pink Enchantment is an interactive light installation that transforms bridges into stunning artwork.
The work invites people to interact with the artwork and each other in an imaginative way. As visitors walk across the bridge, clouds of colours will appear creating an electric, vibrant atmosphere. The design is unique to each site and consist of a series of interactive section, which together will become a large visual installation that is tailored to its location.
The work was previously shown on a 70 m long and 2.5 m wide pedestrian bridge leading into the Reykjavik City Hall Iceland in 2014, and on the Cupid Bridge pedestrian bridge (30m long x 10m wide) in Canary Wharf London 2016.
Pink Enchantment will be shown at Light City 2018, 14th to 21st April, Baltimore, MD USA.

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