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10th April, 2019

The Herd


Event Details

10th April, 2019
End Date:
13th April, 2019
Webber Douglas Studio, Central
£5 - £10

Deep in the lush rolling hills, a remote community live a bucolic existence alongside their cows. Dairy farming is a nice way of life and the town enjoys plentiful supplies of cheese, cream, milk and yoghurt.

But an idyllic existence comes at a price and a shocking discovery about the town’s past, rocks the community, pitting neighbour against neighbour.

The Herd is a folkloric, dark comedy about how being part of a group might allow us to neglect our individual responsibility and how a society fractures when it’s pushed.

Co-directed & conceived by Sarah Davey-Hull & Ally Cologna

Set & Costume Designer Sammy Dowson

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