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14th October, 2019

Documents of Urban Change: experiences of absence in Burgess Park and the Aylesbury Estate


Event Details

14th October, 2019
End Date:
19th October, 2019
The Bartlett School of Architecture
22 Gordon Street

This exhibition by Felipe Lanuza Rilling is the culmination of years of research documenting urban change in Burgess Park and the Aylesbury Estate in south London.

In the work, absence is observed as a relational aspect that comes forward in different ways in both sites, helping us to understand how they are closely linked from an experiential point of view but also historically and as related planning operations.

Experiences of absence range from the encounter with traces and fragments of the industrial past and the densely populated urban fabric that has given way to Burgess Park’s open green spaces, to the emptying and demolition of the Aylesbury, and the displacement and dispossession implied in the decanting of its residents.

Through multi-layered videos, thoughts and impressions of local people, photographs, and site-specific sounds and objects, the exhibition offers alternative and critical responses to the prominent regeneration narratives underpinning both sites.

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