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  • The Theatre Sound Colloquium

    …on Broadway and in the West End: Changing Technologies and Divisions of Labour, Changing Attitudes Toward Work with Jonathan Burston (via Skype) Video Games Sound Design & Procedural Audio with…

  • Stepping Out of the Georgian Era into a Pandemic

    …category, so I’m well-aware of the issues around shielding and social-distancing. I’m contemplating the other ways of making contact. Skype and Messenger video-calls aren’t necessarily an option with this age-group,…

  • Impossible Partnerships

    …House which are available for all researchers within our member institutions, and we can also offer consultations via Skype, Facetime, or over the phone – just put your preferred username/number…

  • Call for participants

    effectively as we would wish to. Might these tools sometimes cause unintended negative effects, that hinder rather than help the creative thinking we are trying to engage in? Sara and…

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Arts and Humanities Research Council

Call for new members to join the Peer Review College with a key objective to further diversify our membership and cement plurality of voices in our decision-making processes- Applications invited from all career stages. Submit applications by 25 November.

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