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  • Mental wellbeing in the newsroom

    …is set against the backdrop of macho news environments, redundancies, online harassment, disinformation, vicarious trauma and now Covid-19. Compared to other industries support structures are patchy or non-existent. But a…

  • Call for participants

    …of your online #creative #collaborations. When working creatively with others online, we often turn to tools such as Zoom or Skype, but don’t always know how to use these as…

  • Knowledge Impacts Network (KIN) Launch

    …and cultural sector professionals. It will offer interactive and informal opportunities to hear how colleagues are approaching challenges, swap industry intelligence, share knowledge, experience and successes, and build and enhance…

  • Book Launch: The City, Space and Urbanism

    …challenge recent thinking about the nature of urban public space. Extensive original research in Vancouver, Lowell MA and Manchester, England, explains how urban public spaces, especially differential space, are contested…

  • The relationship of Neanderthals and Homo sapiens

    …from neanderthalensis to sapiens looks more complex than a straightforward and complete replacement of one by the other, with new archaeological and chronological data, and genomic evidence of the survival…

  • Finding a Place in the Future

    …Accepted. Mackay, A.W., Adger, D., Bond, A.L. Giles, S and Ochu, E.E. (2019). Straight-washing ecological legacies. Nat Ecol Evol 3, 1611 Gold, M. & Ochu, E. (2017) Creative collaboration in citizen science…

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