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  • Thinking about Leadership Now

    …4, 2021; Issue published: March 1, 2021 Harris, A. & Jones, M. (2020), COVID 19 – school leadership in disruptive times. School Leadership & Management, 40:4, pp243-247 Heidegger, M….

  • Tim Jones

    …is Executive Director of motiroti, an award winning arts and culture company founded in 1996 whose programme develops around themes of migration, interculture, cities, technology and community. motiroti is collaborating…

  • Technologizing Throw-Away Culture

    …and Drama, University of London. Website: Blog:   Video art by Ellen Pau (HK), Dislocation, [1min 47sec], Greenman Muleh Mbilleh (Kenya), con-fyu-zei [3min], Dani Ploeger (UK/NL), Tether (for

  • Walking and Talking Books

    …Photographer: JK Photography. Dancer: Megan Saunders Further Information: Reading with Bach, a dance music performance takes place at Laban Theatre April 23rd/24th 2014. Details at      …

  • Invitation to contribute to the next edition of NiTRO

    …Although largely focused on Australian creative arts in higher education, we regularly feature contributions from colleagues in UK, US, and European, African and South East Asian countries. Our regular readership…

  • GeoHumanities Creative Commissions 2018 – Creating Earth Futures

    …Centre for the GeoHumanities ( ) and funded by the Leverhulme Trust and AHRC through the Creating Earth Futures research programme ( For further information please go to:…

  • Body Farms: Nauseating or Necessary?

    …of research interest is human decomposition and taphonomy, with a particular emphasis on analysis of the chemicals released by cadavers throughout decomposition, and their detection by ‘cadaver dogs’. She is…

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Arts and Humanities Research Council

Call for new members to join the Peer Review College with a key objective to further diversify our membership and cement plurality of voices in our decision-making processes- Applications invited from all career stages. Submit applications by 25 November.

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