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  • Becky Stewart

    Becky Stewart is an engineer and developer working with physical computing. She is a co-founder of Codasign, a creative technology company that runs workshops teaching programming and electronics, and is…

  • Patrick Laing

    …parallel to client work he also develops and manufactures his own product ranges from innovation prize-winning wedding rings, patented industrial products and most recently The Flying Skirt light shade.

  • Rob Forkan

    …by you, Gandys will be donating 10% of the profits to help other orphans. We call our mission Orphans to Orphans. Thank you for helping us in this mission.’

  • Who Is Marion Phillini

    …or may not exist. No-one can really be sure of this. Exhibition Event: The exhibition will be accompanied by an artist talk and workshop. Dates to be confirmed. @MarionPhillini…

  • Remembering Prof. Rodney Fitch CBE

    …is available on including details of how to RSVP. The symposium is free and open to all members of the UAL staff and the public; however, spaces are strictly…

  • Middle-East and Central Asia Music Forum

    …be followed by a free evening concert which will showcase work from Soosan Lolavar’s Stay Close Contemporary Music Project: Free to attend, places must be booked in advance. For

  • Caleb Femi Creative Writing Lecture

    …Laureate for London from 2016 to 2018, Caleb Femi, will discuss his creative processes and read from his work. You can learn more about Caleb’s work on his website:….

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Call for new members to join the Peer Review College with a key objective to further diversify our membership and cement plurality of voices in our decision-making processes- Applications invited from all career stages. Submit applications by 25 November.

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