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  • Money in Bamako and London

    The Bamako & London projects ( are collaborative photography exhibitions between a UK-based curator and artist photographers from the UK and Mali in West Africa. The project connects both capital…

  • Privacy Policy

    …use applications in our day to day business, for example Mail Chimp ( and Google ( who might process your data out of the European Economic Area (EEA). These organisations…

  • Beyond Precarity? Co-operatives in the Cultural Industries

    …and creative industries: sustainable livelihoods and cultures of solidarity’ ( She is also currently working on an ESRC research project, the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity ( Ieva Padagaite is…

  • Invitation to contribute to the next edition of NiTRO

    …each country is affected particularly by other factors, and by government policy responses. We read of student hardship in the UK during COVID ( ) and wonder how this is…

  • Revisiting Genesis Launch

    …of meaningful social structures under neoliberalism, the need for collective forms of self-organisation in caring for others, and questions around the emergent online death industry. – See more at:…

  • Digital Mourning

    Digital Mourning: coping with loss in online environments. Rituals of mourning across the world have long played a part in supporting communities to restore social order in the face of…

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Arts and Humanities Research Council

Call for new members to join the Peer Review College with a key objective to further diversify our membership and cement plurality of voices in our decision-making processes- Applications invited from all career stages. Submit applications by 25 November.

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